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MimeoConnect Developer Resources
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Mimeo.com REST API

Getting started:

Since this is a REST-based API, it can be accessed by javascript run on the same server. We've built a sandbox server for just this purpose, located at https://connect.sandbox.mimeo.com/2012/02. The sandbox is a stateful server which perfectly mirrors the live site, but also completely disconnected from the rest of our system. We'd encourage you to play freely on sandbox as much as you like, but be aware that we may occasionally wipe it clean in our regular maintenance without warning.

Chances are you're viewing this documentation hosted on the the sandbox server, and you'll need a sandbox account to make it work. Many of the methods exposed require authentication, for which we have chosen to use a standard HTTPBasic authentication mechanism. This is a username/password based system, kept secure by passing all exposed information in the HTTPHeaders. You can learn more about this authentication method on the Wikipedia article.

Support options: Interface definitions Quick account creation: